The New Easy Book

The New Easy Book
Australia's leading and most trusted cook, Donna Hay, makes life easier for every cook, with supe...
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Australia's leading and most trusted cook, Donna Hay, makes life easier for every cook, with super easy, super delicious and super quick family meals. Donna Hay is all about making life easier. Her new cookbook, the new easy, is her result of her quest to make things faster, simpler and tastier in the kitchen. It offers solutions to the age-old dilemmas of home cooks everywhere - what can I put on the table through the week that's fast and delicious, and what do I serve on the weekend that's a little more special? Full of short, concise recipes that are big on flavour, the new easy offers five chapters: weeknights, weekends, sides and salads, baking, and desserts. Each chapter contains clever ideas to restyle particular recipes, so if you loved Tuesday night's lemongrass chicken, learn how to transform it into a chic starter for Saturday's dinner or a tasty sandwich for Sunday's picnic. These twists are all about versatility for a whole new and easy repertoire. the new easy makes cooking fast, fun, easy and enjoyable, and is the perfect companion for every busy cook. Donna Hay is Australia's leading and most successful cookbook author. She has published over 22 award-winning cookbooks, which have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide, and her books have been translated into nine languages. In Australia alone, her recent books have dominated the best-seller charts, with Fast Fresh and Simple (2010) selling almost 200,000 copies to date and Fresh and Light (2012) selling 150,000 copies to date. Her latest book, the monumental and definitive book of Donna Hay favourites The New Classics, released in November 2013, has already sold over 77,000 copies and been shortlisted for a 2014 Australian Book Industry (ABIA) Award, in the prestigious Illustrated Book of the Year category. Her extraordinary catalogue of books, as well as her weekly column in the Sunday papers; the bi-monthly donna hay magazine, which reaches more than 730,000 readers per issue; her successful iPad app what's for dinner, launched in 2013 and which has already been downloaded by 170,000 users, means Donna Hay is truly a household name.

Hardcover book.

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